2013 Champion Schools Participants

U Got Brains and Know How To Use Them!

Arts HS

The Art of Driving "Speed Kills"


2013 | Objective: The objective of our project is to enlighten the young nation of drivers and to ongoing and relentless epidemic of roadway speeding and high rising numbers of injuries and fatalities as a result of these irresponsible actions.

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Barringer High School

Turn Signal Neglect


2013 | Our objective was to provide awareness of Turn Signal Neglect and prove to drivers that turning signals are an important part of their driving privileges.

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Belleville High School

S.T.O.M.P. (Students Taking Out Measures of Prevention) Out Distracted Driving


2013 | Our project objective was to increase student awareness concerning the dangers and consequences of distracted driving. Developing fun, challenging activities, students used their creativity to illustrate risky behaviors behind the wheel of a car. Joining in competitions, our young people worked together to educate their peers while discovering the alarming facts the drivers of today are facing. Armed with this collective new knowledge, students will hopefully utilize the positive power of peer pressure to stop distracted driving before accidents occur.

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Bergen Technical High School

TEXTBUSTERS - Colette Rake (Project Leader)


2013 | It will focus on the dangers of texting while driving.

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Bloomfield HS


2013 Project Stipend provided through a grant from Partners for Health Foundation


2013 | The Bloomfield SADD chapter is working with the Bloomfield police department to install a speed bump behind the high school. It is in dedication to a 16 year old junior who was killed in a tragic car crash earlier this year, because of a speeding vehicle.

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Bogota Jr/Sr HS

FYI don’t DUI


2013 | As a part of our UGOT Brains campaign we are making our school and the community aware of the dangers associated with youth driving under the influence.

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Bordentown Regional High School

Don’t Text and Drive, Bordentown Wants You Alive-Spread the Word!


2013 | Our “Don’t Text and Drive, Bordentown Wants You Alive-Spread the Word” campaign’s objective is to spread the word on the dangers of texting while driving to individuals of all ages through our five projects. Also it’s important for students at the elementary level, to be aware of the dangers of texting while driving so they will carry this knowledge with them throughout their driving years.

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Cedar Grove High School

Don’t Commit a Distraction Infraction

2013 Project Stipend provided through a grant from Partners for Health Foundation


2013 | Our project’s objective was to increase awareness on the dangers of distracted driving. We wanted to get the point across that anything that takes your 100% focus off of the road is an “infraction” and would be penalized by our roaming and ever present distraction infraction officials.

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Collingswood High School

Ignore Your Peers, Just Steer


2013 | Our project is all about the dangers of distracted driving. Young drivers are constantly piling an illegal amount of friends into the car. Conversations, arguments, and loud music are a few of the high risk dangers that are associated with distracted driving. Our video reflects upon these dangers and simulates these situations and the harmful consequences that these distractions cause. The project will contain interviews with teen drivers along with more experienced drivers and other officials including Drivers Ed Students and Teachers. The object of this project is to spread awareness of these dangers and prevent further accidents from occurring. With simulations, reflections, and interviews, the segment will efficiently spread the word to everyone who watches the video.

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Colonia High School

“The Graduated Driver’s License”


2013 | Our purpose is to assess our community’s understanding of the graduated driver’s license law, educate them about it, and observe whether attitudes about the law remain consistent or change.

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Columbia HS

Safe Driving, Safe Riding: SafeRides


Our project for this year is to promote SafeRides as a way for students to get home safely, as well as a promotion of safe driving throughout the community. SafeRides serves as an alternative in keeping with driving past curfew, keeping within GDL restrictions on passengers and curfew. SafeRides can also help prevent other negligence behind the wheel, such as driver distraction. As a part of the project, we plan to distribute bracelets, key chains, and t-shirts with the SafeRides MapSO phone number.

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Communications High School

Heads Up!


2013 | The objective of HeadsUp is to raise awareness about safe driving. Too many people are injured on a daily basis from distracted and irresponsible driving. The statistics showing the amount of car accidents and the causes are atrocious, and something must be done to prevent this from happening in the future. That is why we started HeadsUp; to remind drivers to pay attention while driving and to educate them on the importance of this.

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Cumberland Regional

The Hall of “D.I.S.


2013 | The Teens Dying to Drive Organization wanted to build onto their project that was started last year. The main focus is to make teens aware that the #1 killer of teens today between the ages of 14-20 are dying in automobile crashes. The organization created the acronym D. I. S.. Each letter representing two words. The six words that make up this acronym are why so many teens are dying and having crashes in automobiles. The letter D. represents Drinking and Distractions. The letter I. represents Immaturity and Inexperience. Finally the letter S. represents Seatbelts and Speeding.

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Delran High School

Drive Delran to Safer Roads


2013 | The SADD members of Delran High School are coming together to address the lack of communication between new drivers and their parents and the lack of awareness about GDL laws in general.

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Dunellen HS


2013 | We will do a campaign in school promoting the project and safe driving. There will also be a video that shows the consequences of distracted driving, which we will promote as well in school and online. The video will show someone driving having happy thoughts and flashing back to happy moments of his life then gets distracted and all his thoughts reverse and fade away.

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Edison HS

Just Drive!


2013 | Just Drive! is a campaign to make our community aware of the dangers of distracted driving. In coordination with DCH Auto, the Edison Municipal Alliance, and the Edison Police Department, we are educating our drivers on the dangers of activites such as texting while driving, eating while driving, etc.

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Emerson HS

Victims of Volume III with Driver Ed and his Posse


2013 | Victims of Volume III with “Driver Ed and his Posse focuses on educating students, teachers and community members about the dangers of Distracted Driving. In order to communicate this message, we are inviting noted guest speakers to address these issues.

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Essex County Vocational Technical School

Striving for Safe Driving


2013 | Our project is trying to reach out to parents and teenagers to let them know what safe driving is all about. We want to educate parents and teens about the dangerous consequences that can result from teenage driving accidents.

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Freehold Regional HS District

The Freehold Regional High School District Teen Driver Safety Program

2013 | The Freehold Regional High School District strives to help teen drivers consider the real consequences of their choices: from losing a license and/or insurance coverage to losing relationships, mobility, or even their lives.

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Freehold Township High School

Patriot Passenger Project 2.0


2013 | Last year, members of our SADD chapter promoted the original Patriot Passenger Project. Our goal at that time was to show how a passenger’s behaviors can both help and hinder a driver. While we continued with that as part of our goal this year, we also moved forward with it, focusing on the need for a passenger to speak up for him or herself when he or she is faced with an unsafe driving situation. Thus, our project evolved into the much improved sequel: Patriot Passenger Project 2.0.

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